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Mining & Oil Services

Almar Group provides end–to-end logistics services bringing our clients the most effective solutions for their business.

Our long-term relationship with the mining and oil industry has enabled our company to create diverse customized solutions. We believe our personalized service will bring extra benefits to your company, when facing complex projects and construction building for mining and oil projects. For that we have created a tailored Mining & Oil Department, led by a team of professionals with over fifteen years of expertise on project cargo and transport of equipment and supplies.

We offer:


  • Almar professional placements services on site, to create streamline processes, and bring effective and faster solutions for the coordination of cargo delivery at each project phase.

  • Monitoring and tracing of purchase order through tracking systems, and regular contact of suppliers at port of origin.

  • Supervision and survey of special cargo at both origin and destination.

  • National and bonded warehousing and storage of mining equipment in all major port destinations throughout Argentina, including Puerto Deseado, Mendoza and Perito Moreno.

  • Custom advice on all major points of clearance.

  • Inland trucking solutions for special cargo required.

Homogenization of mineral concentrates for exportation

What is this?

At Almar Group we provide guidance and expert know-how on homogenization on mineral concentrates to mining companies wanting to improve quality of export blends.  With this, companies acquire the best possible blend and uniform laws and humidity levels.

Once this is processed and homogenization has been completed, it is laboratory checked and regularized with the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) for customs and then packed for exportation. Almar has a joint alliance with Nodo Austral to supervise this service across Argentina.

Why is this a success?

Through this process you will add value to your export mineral achieving the correct laws and humidity levels needed to be able to provide quick certification at customs and for your client requirements.

Dangerous Cargo

Our Dangerous Goods Division for Transport and Handling is highly qualified, taking frequent training and courses according to the regulatory specifications dictated by the international and national norms.

We provide the following services:


  • Handling and transport of cargo in all Capital Federal, Buenos Aires region and all major cities across Argentina with verified trucking companies.

  • Dangerous Goods Shipper Declaration documentation along with other forwarding documents.

  • Packaging and labeling of national and import goods.

  • Control and supervision of any documentation needed at arrival.

  • Technical and customs advice

  • Customs service and clearance at origin and destination.

  • Storage service of goods.

  • Transfer and delivery of goods to destination.

  • Thorough control of the whole process according to IATA regulations.

Perishable Products

Almar Group provides first class forwarding services managing the entire temperature controlled supply chain, from point of origin to point of destination, including pickup from producer through land transportation, airport handling & storage, and final delivery.

We will deliver your perishable cargo to its destination fresh and on time. We are able to meet the special requirements of a wide variety of perishables. Whether you transport fruit or vegetables, meat, seafood, or flowers, we will use temperature-controlled containers to ensure that your perishable cargo arrives in optimal condition.


We are experts in managing oversized or over dimension cargo, which makes us the best partners for your projects.


From custom clearance, to warehousing and distribution, if you partner with us, we will give a full range of services to help your business.


Our broad network of agents and affiliates guarantees the best possible service for your needs. Name the time and the place, and we will be there.

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