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At Almar, we are experts on overseas handling of project cargo, overdimension shippments, special cargo and we will recommend the best possible route evaluating weather conditions, customs management, storage and handling to destination. With our strategic Patagonian offices, both Mendoza and Santa Cruz, and with partners across the world, we are ideal partners for mining, oil and gas projects set in Argentina. We have completed over 35 projects over the years, supplying logistic solutions, human resources placements, and providing consultancy in everyway.


Photo Gallery below contains pictures of large project components; both heavy-lift and out-of-gauge cargo moves we managed as part of larger projects.


We buily tailored services to manage your needs. Mining homogenisation, dangerous cargo handling division and instant access to our online tracking tools.


From custom clearance, to warehousing and distribution, if you partner with us, we will give a full range of services to help you manage logistics.


Our broad network of agents and affilliates guarantees the best possible service for your needs. We can deliver anywhere in the World.

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