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Compared to traditional construction, the modular containers offered by Almar Group provide a faster, more affordable, more eco-friendly solution for portable offices or construction containers and custom modular construction containers.

New buildings are expensive. And extended construction timelines drive the price up even further, often beyond budgets and available resources. Almar can help you with a temporary office building or permanent commercial modular building.


Custom construction site containers can get your business up and running in less time, and often for less out-of-pocket compared to traditional buildings. It is also perfect for temporary projects. 

Our experienced custom modular construction container team knows what it takes to get the job done right. We understand that your budget is limited and that shortening the time to occupancy means faster revenue generation, whether you’re building for your own business or for your clients.


Commercial modular building applications include:

- Mobile Office Buildings
- Sales centers
- Restaurants
- Retail stores
- Branch offices
- Modular Office Buildings for Commercial Use

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